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Basic - 20+1 occasions

Webinar Product Owner Training

Product Owners are the engines of product developer teams and projects. As they are the ones responsible for the development and market performance of products, they have to tell what needs to be done. This means they bear most of the responsibilities but also have utmost authority over projects/products.

For HR

Be the most successful HR manager at your company!

We will strengthen your IT team with a tested, energetic Product Owner or Scrum Master through our modular training. These are not 2-day high-speed training sessions, but 15-20 occasions long, effective trainings that determine the leading edge in Hungary.

B2B - 20+1 occasions

Outsourced, company PO training

Our clients are always on the look for Product Owners. Soon they realize that there is no one in the market whom they would trust with the life of a product. This is the situation where looking at your own people and choosing PO candidates seems to be the right solution.

Modules are selected to cover not only theoretical knowledge but everyday tasks as well with material being applicable from the next day.

the way you want

Modular Product Owner Training

If you choose this type of training, we will prepare a Problem Map with you. The map shall list your current PO thematic and work challenges with our recommendations of methods and modules providing solutions for you. We’ll help you choose modules, then teach and help you apply them immediately.

We’ll work together when it’s convenient for you and only as much as you need for a particular problem that’s coming up or already knocking at your door.

About us

About us

We built this school to put Product Owners on the market with a solid foundation of methodology and practice when they start their first agile assignments.

Being a Product Owner is never a junior position.

The true purpose of this profession is to enhance customer satisfaction. PO thinking is governed by continuously creating business value helped by macro- and microeconomics and it is guided by full comprehension of value chain systems and business domains at all times. Understanding, managing and performing in such complex ecosystems is required to design and develop great products.

An important part of our mission is to overcome the followings.

Average Product Owners are being “made” through crash courses within a day or two. After a few hours of learning they pass an exam, get certified with a guaranteed (!) 98% success rate. They get hired, a few months pass and both the Product Owners and their employers are shocked to see lack of results or underperforming products and / or production. Everyone is disappointed.

We can’t change this by tomorrow, but we can address the problem and work towards a better landscape.

And that we do. Not only do we pre-select and train quality Product Owners, but we invest time and energy in market education as well. This way companies get better ideas how to find truly competent and promising workforce and build the environment required for these people to deliver.

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We are the only Product Owner School with an intense 15-day training for the essential basics. Train hard, fight easy


Product Owners are the ones liable for the market performance and development of products.

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